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His photographs documented high-profile state occasions along with daily life in East Berlin.

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Single spremberg died as the result of a helicopter accident while on an assignment in Libya. Life[ edit ] Joachim Spremberg was born in Berlin late in After leaving school he trained as a film copying technician, a preparation to becoming a photo-journalist.

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Here he quickly and single-mindedly started photo-reporting significant events. In March Spremberg accompanied the media-savvy politician Werner Lamberz on a visit to Libya where Lamberz was scheduled to negotiate a complex trade and investment deal with that country's leader.

Early in Marchthe final meeting between Lamberz single spremberg Gaddafi took place in a large tented encampment set partnersuche ukrainische frauen by the latter in the Libyan desert. single spremberg

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It was later reported that Lamberz's Libyan negotiating partners had urged him to stay an extra night and not to risk traveling in a helicopter with a Libyan pilot who was known to have no experience of night flying. Helicopter used in a Berlin building project Berlin-Lichtenberg station in single spremberg Berlin Television Tower under construction Children in Berlin's Hans-Loch Quartera high-profile post-war reconstruction single spremberg Walter Single spremberg 's New Year's Speech Harvest in the GDR Single spremberg bathing in the Baltic Sea Auch bedeutende Personen tragen "Spremberg" als Familiennamen".

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